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I founded mumbaistockholm in a hotel room in India in March 2014. My goal was (still is) to innovate the precious jewelry scene and introduce a new thinking to a traditional handicraft. Today I run the brand from our studio in Stockholm.
Who is Cecilia?

”I’m a Swedish girl who travelled to India with no expectations and completely fell in love. I stayed for eight months, and I never had a boring day during my time there. ”

How did you get the idea of starting mumbaistockholm?

”For several months I could not stop looking at the Indian women and how they dressed: with long hair, jewelry all over their bodies (including toes and ankles) and wearing amazing, colourful textiles. The Indian woman is super feminine and I think that is beautiful. Three weeks before I had to go back to Sweden I founded mumbaistockholm.”

Why jewelry?

”I used to wear anklets every day in India and when it was time to go back to Sweden I just felt I had to make one for myself. So I did. I looked at it and thought it was beautiful, and asked my friends back home if any of them wanted one before I got on the plane home. And seven of them did. So I went back to the silver smith’s studio and started designing some more pieces, then spent the night in my hotel room and created the mumbaistockholm account on instagram.  And that was the start. We still sell that first piece – it’s the Maya Heart Frame Anklet.”

This was in March 2014. What has happened since then?

”A lot of things. Only a month after I came home I found a studio in Sweden where we now make all the jewelry from scratch. The collection is a lot broader, and I have become a lot better in designing the pieces, haha. Now I also do custom work for customers.”

What are you most proud of with the brand so far?

”That we are able to handcraft all jewelry in our three-generation old studio in Sweden. This means we can offer our customers the best service in the world: handmade, personal jewelry where every piece is unique. We produce every order the moment we receive it. Moreover, by having our own studio, we can offer our customers the possibility of recycling their old gold jewelry and remake into new ones (read more here).”

So, last question: why ”mumbaistockholm”?

”I wanted the name to reflect how the brand originated – and it really was, and still is, as an attempt to introduce more innovative gold, silver and diamond jewelry into Scandinavia, but still with this super elegant, clean design that is typical to us in the North. While at the same time, in no other country I’ve been to have they worn so cool jewelry as they do in India. It’s not only bracelets, rings and necklaces – it’s toerings, anklets, armlets, noserings. So I thought ”Mumbai” and ”Stockholm” just provided the perfect mix of the two worlds I’m trying to blend. ”

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