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Q&A! ⠀⠀Guys, how are you? The past two days we have had a Q&A on insta stories – and I just put up all the questions and answers in our insta bio for you to click and read :)⠀⠀ I loved your questions! It was everything from “which is your most sold piece right now?” (Brigitte Ring here above and Edith ring!) to “how long time did it take for you to be able to live off your jewelry brand?” (exactly 1,5 years) to “do you have a boyfriend?” ⠀⠀Let me know if you think this was fun and we’ll do one more Q&A soon again! ⠀⠀Now swipe and cozy up with Brigitte Ring before going to bed guys ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #brigittering #qanda #worldcupfinals


Another day, and another few months of work has beared yet a magic fruit ⠀⠀Leaf Earstud And I think I want to name it Tulum ⠀⠀After I switched my life to spend my time in this magic little hidden gem on earth, I have felt much more connected to nature I feel more like a child again, who values being outside, hanging out with friends, talking about dreams and things that we juuust dont understand (spirituality is the grown up word ). I’ve learned that humans is nothing but energy – and it is the same energy that everything in the world is created from. So we are nothing but nature Tulum Leaf Earstud, the first jewelry I formed an obsession with in my head after arriving to Tulum. And I wanted it to look just like the leaf emoji – because thanks to you, the energy that is instagram and written communication I have been blessed with the opportunity to spread love ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #tulumleaf


Guys ️🕊️ If this is not pure nature than what is ⠀⠀A diamond necklace stripped to its bare essentials: a diamond, a gold chain and a loop. Nothing else When I got to know you can actually drill (borra!) diamonds – I knew that was how the first mumbai diamond solitaire necklace was going to be. No setting around the stone, just a bare diamond.⠀⠀How beautiful is this 0.25 CT brilliant cut diamond flying free around your neck 🕊 Swipe ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #barediamondnecklace


The small mumbai team which Im in love with! ⠀⠀Ett Hem was the only restaurant in Stockholm that I could come up with that come close to to these girls standards and working moral ⠀⠀Swipe to join in on our summer dinner before the girls go on well-deserved vacay ⠀⠀We are three super independent girls who all enjoy working on our own, get things done and not fuss with unnecessary meetings, admin work etc. And we love pretty things mumbai is for sure not a normal company – theres still no business plan in place, no grand vision boards (we sail to where the winds are) and we are a retail company that has a weird website, almost no retailers and a secret physical location that no one finds But somehow it works! Like with these girls. Camilla and Halina I mean, imagine having a boss who decides to just not fly home from the other side of the world for many months! Thats flexibility⠀⠀@camekman @halinalarsson @thejewellerydesigner ⠀#mumbaistockholm #teamwork #etthem #interiordream


If Sweden lost I promised myself I would post a picture.⠀⠀To show you that nature and jewelry always cheer you up! ⠀⠀This navy baby is new in the family – please welcome her ⠀⠀Not At All Tiny with dark blue sapphires and a hidden gem (diamond )⠀⠀Actually she turned out wrong – I wanted the diamond to be number four from the middle stone, but it was set as number four from the side. But what does it matter we’re all beautifully imperfect and nothing goes as planned anyway !!⠀⠀Now swipe and see if you feel happier, maybe you have to swipe two times! ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #notatalltinysparkle #welcome


Good morning ⠀⠀Camilla took this picture and whatsapped to me when I was away and they were having super exciting guests in the showroom. How pretty flowers! We had talked on the phone beforehand and I had just wished for ”something with green and peach colours” because peach is one of my fav colours of all. So well done @camekman And then this pic made me feel like I was there with them 🌞⠀⠀What are you guys up to this morning? Today Im in Stockholm and soon its time for breakfast meeting! The best kind of meeting! ️⠀⠀Have a fab summer Friday 🌞⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #customershowroom #stockholm


“I want to have something to look forward to during my vacation! ”⠀⠀…wrote the girl who just booked our first August slot in our Stockholm showroom ⠀⠀She will visit us on the second Saturday in August, where she will spend 45 wonderful minutes with our Personal Jewelry Shopper. Over coffee, nuts and juices she will try on our full jewelry collection (including one-offs!), stack rings and, well – get professional help while hanging out with a girlfriend basically 👭 Together they will carefully plan her future jewelry collection – so that when she leaves the showroom, she will feel sure that she’s started to invest in the right pieces for her! ⠀⠀Doesn’t it sound amazing? You can also book to ⠀⠀(The Saturday slots are filling up most quickly as always!)⠀⠀Soon vacation, right guys 🌤⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #finejewelry #customershowroom


“Motion changes emotions” 🌎⠀⠀Whether that is going out on your vespa not knowing your exact destination, travelling across the world, going to your friend’s house or going out for a run doesn’t matter so much! Move guys ⠀⠀Today I’m in a sunny Stockholm about to see my two university lovebirds getting married (with a mix of mumbai and Tiffany rings! ) They were both in our same circle of friends first and then kissed during a ski trip 😗 and then… 🤗⠀Giving you a new design that was secretely launched in the showroom a few weeks ago:⠀ Solitaire Petite⠀It has a thinner ring band (1,5 mm) than our classic Solitaire and goes up to 1 CT with TW or River diamond ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #solitairepetite


At home in the concrete jungle This fav fav place just popped up in New York! @grupo.gitano⠀⠀Swipe guys ️️ Do you feel the Mexican / NYC vibe?? They have captured the Tulum magic so well!! Mezcal, guac, jícama, ceviche, tuna, beautiful dark men…. ⠀⠀Go here if you’re in NYC this summer ok? ⠀⠀When Id just moved to Tulum I think I met half of all my new friends there so Gitano will always have a special place in my heart!⠀⠀#mumbaistockholmtravels #nyc #gitano #love