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Early morning in the jungle house ⠀⠀I picked my tiniest and largest pieces The tiniest is pinky jade with tiny tiny white diamonds, and the biggest is this 6.6 CT champagne morganite that I made a ring from just before going to Tulum… ⠀⠀This morning we went swimming in a cenote next to here (a natural underwater cave filled with water from the underground) before breakfast and work duties… life quality!!⠀⠀Live and wear nature guys It fills you up with life!!⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #livet #nature


”Did you really move to Tulum?!”⠀⠀”Did you plan this before you went on your travels?” ⠀“Following along on your journey, it all seems so easy!”⠀⠀Guys, everything is easy and difficult. Nothing is at it seems but often it actually is! And all the things you find difficult is difficult for everyone else too! Its true⠀⠀I want you babes to think about this this Sunday night: everything you wish for will eventually come true. That’s the power of dreams, and that’s why all people should dream. Everyone who has achieved something amazing first dreamed about it!! But Here comes a secret Dream only when youre ready to grab the opportunities. Because they will come. And then you need to know what to do with them! ⠀⠀This is how I ended up with a house in Tulum just exactly now If I wouldnt have been ready – ”what should I do with a whole house”, ”Im not ready yet”, ”what about my showroom in Stockholm” etc etc, you can imagine all reasons NOT to take the leap!! 🏼‍♀️ – then the dream would still be just a dream! Which is ok to sometimes! Dream when you’re ready to grab the opportunities and the universe will work with you ⠀⠀Sorry for being super fluffy 🤷‍♀️but read the text again and see if you see the signs in your own life, and tell me are you with me??⠀⠀PS. In May im coming to Stockholm and will be in the showroom!️ #mumbaistockholm #thoughts #mumbaistockholmtravels #tulum #twohomes


Close-up of babies + a guacamole hackning tip!! 🥑 Yes you read correctly ⠀⠀Yesterday I opened the fridge and I found the guacamole with a big brown stone in it… then Luz (the girl who teaches me to cook Mexican local food) told me that if you leave the avocado seed (kärnan) in the guacamole the last thing you do before putting it in the fridge it will not turn brown!! And it’s true! Like magic I still have a big delicious bowl of green fresh guacamole in my fridge today⠀⠀I bet some of you already knew this, but for you others – welcome to your new life 🥑⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #finejewels #and #guacamole #lifehacks


Ok swipe guys For an amazing evening with @counterfit.studios And the location?! @tulumtreehouse is my new Tulum crush!!Now let me tell you the best story️. @dominikzurlinden is a Tuluminati who travels the world to find 60-70 years old workwear, he takes them to seamstresses who remake them just a bit and then he resells them to cool people in cool places!! What is not to love!! Of course I HAD to support!!! Diamonds and old 1950’s bluecollar workwear pants, how come we’ve never thought about that combo before guys Swiiiipe to see them together️ And Dominique you made me wear pants for the first time in three months, and I aint taking them off🏼‍♀️!! #mumbaistockholm #tulum #counterfitstudios #tulumtreehouse


So many emails coming in :) I love it! ⠀⠀This morning I received the best email from a guy – he was pretending he emailed from a spam account so his girlfriend for sure would never be interested in opening and reading it ; ) Haha I almost put it in my own email bin actually!! ️Never judge the inside by looking at the outside guys!! I think the universe wanted to remind us about that! ️️🌎⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #finejewelry #for #finegirls️ #lilytinydiamonddrop #brigittering


Life here ⠀⠀Always with a helmet, a long dress, my mumbai rings and awesome bracelets from a super cool local jewelry designer! 🖤️🛵⠀⠀I love it because yesterday I met a new girl through a friend and she said ”yes Ive seen you before! You’re the girl who always wear pretty jewelry!” Haha yassss girls wear pretty jewelry and people will notice you in the best way!! ️⠀⠀What I’m doing now? ⠀Apart from being super proud of my two part-time girls in the showroom in Stockholm (@halinalarsson & @camekman) who gets praise for their excellent service to you guys via email quite often (hello how proud do I get!!) – I’m spending my days decorating the mumbai house here To be continued, I’ll let you tag along as it gets finished step by step!!⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #life #in #tulum #and #stockholm


Today’s mission: making a jungle inside the jungle house ⠀⠀And you would not believe The plant shop in the little pueblo we went to was a plant jungle not a shop ☘️🌳 ⠀⠀So you just walk around with a cute old man showing you all his plants in his garden and you cut the plants you want and he puts them in the coolest pots which is basically made from cutoff wood trunks! (trädstammar!) ⠀⠀To be continued guys ⠀⠀#tulumjunglehouse #mumbaistockholm #life


Ok guys can you guess what happened this morning? It was the day I had my first morning coffee in my jungle house ️⠀⠀Remember the feeling you had as a kid and it was the morning of your birthday? For me this felt like the morning of birthday and Christmas all at the same time! Filled with so much love and excitement right now!! ⠀⠀This is what growing up is like I think. You don’t just loose the happy, curious, excited feelings you used to have as a child – they are just awoken by different things than before You need to find those things Like finally creating a real home for yourself, in a community where you feel so welcome The butterflies in my stomach I have now are the happiest feelings in the world!! 🦋⠀⠀#mumbaistockholmtravels #and #finding #peace