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mumbai artwork vol I art II Tulum Leaf Earpiece brought into life by the hands of an artist️⠀⠀This earstud means so much to me personally! It was born in Tulum and I carried it with me in my thoughts for so many months. Tulum marked the first step for several new directions in my life – a life I have continued here in Stockholm. Tulum is not only a geographical spot for me anymore, its a description of a view on life🌎 ⠀⠀If I should summarize it into two sentences for you, it’s these: ⠀• Trust that nature is abundant – and you are nature. ⠀• Intention and desire have infinite organizing power. ⠀⠀What does this mean? ⠀~ It means that in nature there are endless possibilities and infinite creativity (=abundance). Since you are nature, your possibilities are endless and your creativity is infinite. This means that YOU can create anything you desire.⠀The second sentence means: ⠀~ Attention energizes and intention transforms. Whatever you put YOUR attention on will grow stronger in YOUR life.⠀⠀As I count the days til I return to my loving, creative, abundant, spiritual, simple Tulum for the winter, I look back at these months in Stockholm and see: an amazing transformation of @mumbaistockholm and the mumbai world. It has already manifested into a stronger, more stable and AMAZING team who has helped me create new plans and directions within jewelry, wellness, lifestyle and online that will manifest in 2019. Im proud, excited and so thankful! It’s people and opportunities that have come to us – they manifested in front of my eyes without me even searching.⠀⠀And the mumbai world, where is it going? We are creating a world of dreams, where you can manifest your inner self – thats the goal isn’t mumbai girls? ⠀⠀What’s your Tulum⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #transformation #fromtheinsideout #tulumleaf #dc


Olive green sapphire and champagne diamonds.. ⠀⠀Are you prepared for this week’s Showroom Saturday in Stockholm? More and more people fly in over the weekend to visit us – how amazing is that! We love to host you and often give away our tips of things to do and where to eat during your weekend here! Stockholm is amazing for a foodie, did you know that? Just email us ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #notatalltiny #madeinsweden PS. This ring was just shipped to Australia 🙃 jewels got wings!


Riding into this Thursday! ⠀⠀Things are boiling under the mumbai surface…events are being planned, articles are being written, new jewelry are as always being created and I feel that our worlds will become connected in a way it’s not been before! ⠀⠀Sending you some old August love from my vespa (so much more vespas in Stockholm these days?? l️ve it ) and giving away my jewel setup that I’ve been wearing for two months straight Cecilia Lace Ring, Tiny Diamond Ring, Pinky Jade and Belle Cuff!⠀⠀Now: time for the first meeting of the day! And it’s about sharing the mumbai WELLNESS world. My fav topic⠀⠀What’s your plan this Thursday morning??⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #vespa #finejewelry #wellness #cecilialacering #tinydiamondring #pinkyjade #bellecuff


Good morning world ⠀⠀A girl emailed and wanted to come to us to try out this stack I got so happy!! What an amazzzzing taste you have! Two Jade Petites with different kinds of diamonds (black and champagne) and then amazing Lily Tiny Top Drop Sparkle with white diamonds! Three kinds of nature’s magic ⠀⠀(If you also want to do the same then book your appointment to! )⠀⠀And guys! Please bare with us that we have longer answering times on email right now. We’re building our magic team and things are boiling under the mumbai surface Thank ya for staying so happy and patient Means the world!!⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #jadepetite #lilytinytopdrop


Good morning ⠀⠀In one hour we open up our magic space and… ⠀⠀Well What can I say other than that magic moments will be shared and amazing stacks will be created! ⠀⠀PSST! This is a secret for you girls that will NOT be visiting the showroom! We have ONE 🤩 peach pink tourmaline left to make this limited edition sparkle ring you see in the bottom of this stack.. Will it be taken by one of the girls coming to our showroom orrrr will it be ordered by YOU😛 through the webshop today?? Only time will tell You snooze you loose, sometimes that mantra is soooo valid & needs to be rememberedHurry!⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #notatalltinysparkle #notsotiny #jadepetite #jadepetiteenough #threedotstopring #peachpinktourmalineUPDATE: SOLD ON THE WEBSHOP! (it took 1 hour)