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One unique engagement ring ⠀⠀Olle contacted us for a special Jade Petite Ring with diamonds all around and a light blue sapphire as a hidden gem ️ Congrats to your fantastic fiancee @sofphia (and the amazing ring!)⠀⠀Its quite unusual to propose with an eternity ring like Jade actually! Why? Because you cannot adjust the size afterwards, with all the small stonesettings. But Olle had the guts️ And when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be – so happy it fit perfectly ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #jadepetite #whitegold


Next week the mumbai team girls enroll in our first gem stone workshop! ⠀⠀⠀⠀Stones are like flowers – they grow naturally and develop different unique characteristicsnatural colours, inclusions⠀⠀(which can be a beautiful part of a gemstone), sizes, shapes⠀⠀⠀⠀Just like there exist plastic flowers, there exist unnatural stones… stones that are enhanced in laboratories to get a stronger color, to make all stones consistent and look exactly the same.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀The magic lies in finding nature’s beautiful imperfections ⠀⠀⠀⠀Mini Brigitte, Mini Kelly and Jade Petite in a magic stack⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #minibrigitte with #rubies #minikelly with #diamonds #jadepetite with #blackdiamonds #naturalstones⠀⠀


Wellness shot, yoga and cacaobowl to start the day ⠀⠀Just a normal day in the life of a mumbai wellness girl ⠀⠀Now we’re having girls in both Stockholm and Tulum Follow along insta stories to see what we’re up to… ⠀⠀Today I’m explaining why we’re launching a WELLNESS CLEANSE in Stockholm. ⠀⠀Click into stories or follow along on @mumbaiwellnessgirl – where I share my own story from being a stressed, overworked and unbalanced business owner to a girl who decided to make wellness her no 1 priority and started to realize her dreams! ⠀Love, Cecilia⠀#mumbaiwellnessjourney #mumbaiwellnesscleanse #wellnesshot #cacaobowl


”It’s beautiful to be lost in the right direction”⠀⠀You may not know exactly where you are heading, or how you are going to get there.⠀⠀Trust that what FEELS good to do TODAY is taking you in the direction you need.⠀⠀My tip for you is: learn to listen to your heart and belly. They will always guide you⠀⠀Thank you mumbai girl @yohasana for sharing this quote when I needed it the most. Swipe to see the mumbai ring she wears on her finger everyday ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #tinydiamondring


You give to others only what you have in abundance.⠀⠀Imagine a coffee cup.⠀When the cup is half full, you feel robbed from your coffee when someone is drinking from it. ⠀⠀The coffee in the cup is your self-love. ⠀⠀When the cup is filled to the brim so it pours over – this is when you start to share your love effortlessly. Only what you have in excess, you will start to give without expecting anything in return.⠀⠀This is when your magic will unfold⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #onlove #and #thesecret #of #abundance ⠀⠀Jewelry here: #minibrigitte #notatalltiny #pinkyjade #cecilialacering


Brought this to Tulum for magic artist @bexgriff ️⠀⠀Blessing girls with healing jewels and magic gemstones! ⠀⠀B chose this Lily Top Drop in rose gold with a sparkle of champagne diamonds and a white diamond drop.⠀⠀I met this girl a late night at gitano in Tulum – and then she became the artist who filled our mumbai world with artworks, she challenged me to understand the true mumbai girl️ and I gave her free hands to create our new logo ⠀⠀Let others free and see the magic unfold ⠀⠀#mumbaistockholm #lilytopdropsparkle