Recycling of old gold

Do you have old gold jewelry at home?

If you have old gold jewelry at home which you never use, we are happy to trade it in and make it a part of the gold recycling ecosystem we have in Sweden. For the gold you trade in, and which will be recycled into new jewelry in the future, we will offer you a small reduction in the price of the jewelry you purchase from us.

Please note:

This offer is only available if you book an appointment in our showroom in Stockholm (book here!). 

We do not directly melt customers gold jewelry to use in new jewelry, due to quality reasons. The gold needs to be traded in to be cleaned and recycled before used in new jewelry.

We do not buy gold from customers, and we do not trade in silver or goldplated jewelry. 

We do not use customers’ stones in our jewelry. This is due to that we want to be 100% sure of the stone’s quality, origin, authenticity, and that the stone contains no invisible damages. Most often than not, old stones – particularly found in old jewelry – are sensitive and cannot handle the extraction from the current setting into the new setting (your new piece of jewelry). To keep as much of the value as possible from an inherited piece of jewelry that you do not feel visually attached to and would never wear, but you do not wish ”go to waste” – our best advice is to sell the piece in its present state at an auction (in Sweden Kaplans or Bukowskis are a great second hand market for old pieces of jewelry). 

The traceability of the gem stones’ journey from extraction in the mine to the cutting and the finished, polished stone is still is very diffuse – especially for all gemstones that are not diamonds. Hence, we have spent several years developing our own delivery chain from the mines. We use our own cutters (whom we are very proud of), and  thanks to this we often we buy raw gem stones directly from the mine that we cut ourselves to the highest quality. This is the only way for us to ensure that the stone is in its natural state (not irradiated to get an inhanced colour), and extracted from the mine and cut in an ethical way that we can stand for! This traceability, proof of authenticity and ethical responsibility is impossible to achieve with old jewelry and old loose stones.