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Yasmine Härnebo Grapenwall



How to decorate your home in true "Hygge" style according to Social Media Editor Caroline Borg

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The Danish design phenomenon hygge, with warmth as the key word, perfectly describes Caroline Borg’s style in combination with the Scandinavian minimalism and mixed elements of earthy tones, wood and soft textiles. She is what you might call a social media creator, with beautiful images of life as a mother in a home to be inspired by.

When we meet Caroline, she is dressed in a loose-fitting white blouse, casually tucked into a pair of cropped stone-washed jeans. The long hair is held back by the spring and summers trend accessory – a black hair band.

- I would describe my clothing style as simple and Scandinavian, with some added bohemian elements. My favorite everyday outfit to wear is a large knitted sweater or a tucked shirt, matched with cropped jeans or a flowy midi skirt. Since I am quite short, I think it’s nice to show the ankles, she says over the salad she eats for lunch during the interview.

Do you have something in your wardrobe that you can’t go without?

- I’m incredible comfortable. I hate to get sore feet, so I usually go for a pair of white sneakers from Samsøe & Samsøe. When I want to dress up and have heels, I love Acne’s classic track model which is very comfortable to walk in.

She always wears two bracelets from Sophie by Sophie around her wrist. The earrings may be larger and become something of a “statement”. On the right ring finger are two diamond rings that she received as push gifts from her boyfriend. After the first child, he had looked and chosen the ring himself, but after the second pregnancy, her boyfriend surprised her by booking a show time at mumbaistockholm so she could pick her second ring herself. Cecilia, founder of mumbaistockholm, received a somewhat unusual request. Here’s how she describes the event:

- We were surprised when we received an email with a request if we could book a time to look at a “child ring”. It had never happened before! We laughed at the misunderstanding when it turned out that he meant a gift to a new mom (a so called push present) and not a ring to a child!



Home & décor
Caroline’s Instagram feed is full of pictures of décor in earthy tones, summer flowers and beautiful porcelain. She buys most of the interior second-hand.

- I prefer to find things on Blocket (Online second-hand market), Bukowski’s and flea markets.

The furniture and décor also follow the warm tones found in her clothing style. She likes light tones, preferably in beige and gray with black details. When it comes to ceramics, she is looking for inspiration in southern Europe, with France and Italy as the starting point.

- The only exception is the children’s room. For them I put color on the bedding, but then it is mostly in a dull color scale even there.

How would you describe the feeling of your interior?

- I think the Danish concept of “hygge” describes that feeling well. It should be cozy. When you get home, you want a place where it feels soft to land. Both visually and physically in the form of, for example, soft textiles.



My best second-hand buy: The bedside table with a marble top, or our heavy wooden cabinet in the kitchen in which we collect china.

My best interior design tips: If you are unsure of what style you like or find it difficult to assemble the interior at home, opt for a neutral base and add details by selecting 1-2 accent colors. Then you easily get a uniform impression.
Favorite second-hand shop in Stockholm: It is not easy to find second-hand stores downtown; my best tip is to join Facebook groups that have a look at the second hand and flea markets in areas outside Stockholm and then take a day trip there! Otherwise you will always find something nice (but expensive) at Evensen Antik on Upplandsgatan.

My hidden gem this summer: Summer has been spent in the countryside in Norrtälje, but as usual I have dreamed my way to Österlen. Don’t miss the pizzas at Örum 119, or the beautiful surroundings and the magical food at Talldungen farm hotel.


Fashion trends I like to get ahead of before everyone else does:
The other day my eyes caught on a pair of Buffalo shoes (help!) But then I realized that they were exact copies of the shoes I wore 20 years ago and promised myself to never put my foot in again. But a pair of chunky sneakers is a must in the fall. And checkered. Checkered, checkered, checkered.
This décor trend interests me: I am currently looking for wallpaper!

Interest in photography and social media really gained momentum during maternity leave.

Acne’s classic track model is a definite favorite because “they’re super nice to walk in”, according to Caroline. She has them both in brown and black. One of her best style tips is to invest in several pairs of models that you like a lot.

Caroline rarely wears colorful clothes, and if it is a color then it’s a dull one with a lot of blackness in it.

Don’t miss out!

In our last interview with the Swedish magazine Mamas project manager and trend editor, Caroline Borg, we got to learn all her tips & tricks on how to boost your Instagram feed!


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