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Cecilia, Designer and Founder



My Best Tips For How To Build a Great Fine Jewelry Collection

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This article is an introduction to how to build a fine jewelry collection. A starting point for how to think as you start to invest in fine jewelry. These are my thoughts, gathered during more than five years of building a fine jewelry brand, and advicing hundreds of women and men as they have made some of the most meaningful (and sometimes most expensive) purchases of their lives. During these years, I have continuously added to the mumbaistockholm collection piece by piece - and built up my own fine jewelry collection at the same time.

I decided to write this article to help you as you are starting to build your own fine jewelry collection. My own story began with that I lost all my fine jewelry. I was 17. I went to the beach, and there I took off all my rings, bracelets and necklaces. I was wearing everything I owned everyday, always - a mix of inherited pieces and gifts for birth, confirmation and birthdays. Since that day I never saw them again. Who knows if I forgot them there, if a wave washed them away or if they got stolen. But I never wore (nor owned) any fine jewelry again, until I founded mumbaistockholm fine jewelry studio at the age of 24.

As mumbaistockholm grew, I built up my own collection again, piece by piece. I helped others build their fine jewelry collections. I have customers who, after years of wearing the same pieces, still look at their hands and love what they see. And I have customers who put a lot of effort and emotional resources into finding the perfect gemstone for a customised a ring - sometimes spending many months on it - only to end up never wearing it. What is it that differ a great jewelry piece from a mediocre piece? A great purchase from a bad one?

I love to encourage women and men to buy the jewelry they like, when they like, for themselves. The days of waiting for a significant other is over (you might end up waiting for years!). But how do you know when you have found that perfect piece?



The #1 mistake people do when buying fine jewelry

Before we dive into it - let us quickly go through the most common mistake I see people do when investing in fine jewelry.

Buying jewelry is an instinct. Let your gut speak. Don’t think for too long - overthinking is one of the most common mistakes I see people do. So what if you don’t know if you will love it in 10 years? Do you think you will be wearing the same sweater one year from now? Maybe, maybe not? Make sure you invest in a piece of high quality, where you don’t compromise on such things as a quality certificate if you’re buying a diamond of a high Carat. You will thank yourself if you decide to hand down the jewelry piece to your children or selling it on the vintage market later in life. You might even take the brand in consideration when buying high-value jewelry - Tiffany will always be Tiffany, and mumbai will always be mumbai. The brand will help to keep the vintage value of your jewelry high.



My best tips for how to build a great jewelry collection

First - this is about you. Your jewelry is one of your most personal assets, and they should remain so. There’s no need for you to wait for a significant other, or someone else to give you that first piece (remember that confirmation necklace you never would have chosen yourself? That will probably end up happen again!) - or even to ask for someone else’s opinion of your purchase. If the jewelry speaks to you, it’s meant for you.

If it doesn’t feel like you, it’s not for you. A piece should feel interesting - this is how you know a jewelry is speaking to you. Do you see a colour shift in a gemstone that no-one else does? Then it's yours!

Buy pieces you know you will wear. It’s no fun to have glimmering diamonds lying on your bedside table and never being worn - you don’t need yet another self-induced guilt trip! Save yourself from anxiety by only buying pieces you will want to wear, often.

If you like them - they will match. Decide that you are the designer and curator of your own jewelry collection. If you really love two pieces - they will match, even if the colour of the gold is different or the gemstones are mismatched. So go ahead and stack them. Trust me!

Let the jewelry live with you. Wear them and don’t worry about loosing them. They will become part of you. If you lose a jewelry - then you know it’s a sign to let go! It belongs to your past, and now you’re ready to move on. 

Trust your gut feeling! Your first choice is most of the time the right choice. Don’t second guess your instinct.

Buy only what you love. That quirky silver piece you fell in love with during a trip abroad, or the ruby ring you found in a small vintage store? Buy it! Buy only what you love, at that moment. When stacked together, your jewelry will tell the story about you. Your life creates the patina.  Imagine in 5, 10 or 20 years - what an amazing story your jewelry collection will tell!

And most important: enjoy wearing your pieces! Get a good insurance - then relax! The good thing with fine jewelry is that it is made of solid gold and real gemstones, and can almost always be repolished to look brand new - and most often the gemstones can be exchanged if one gets damaged. Let the jewelry become part of you. Let your jewelry add to your story. .

Now I want to hear about you! Did you enjoy reading these tips? What is your best tips for someone who is just starting to build their fine jewelry collection? Please comment and share your thoughts! 


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