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Mumbai Team

Which engravement type are you? Here are 7 tips for inscriptions in your engagement and wedding rings - and our most wonderful real-life examples!

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Oh, congratulations! You have just found the ring of your dreams! But now the next question arises, and it's usually one that you haven't thought about until this moment - what should be written in the rings? Maybe you have already googled the most common engravings and seen that most people simply write their partner’s name, along with the date of the engagement and wedding ceremony in each ring. But if you want to engrave something more personal in the rings, what do you write? Get inspired by these wonderful examples that we have seen in our showroom!

For the romantic

Some choose to simply write their partner's name in the ring. A slightly more personal alternative is to write the nicknames - we have e.g. engraved “my sugarcane” in an engagement ring! A statement like "Yours forever" is also popular in this category. 

For the traditional

For you who want to keep it traditional, you simply write your partner's name along with the date of the engagement or wedding ceremony in the ring. Classic! If you want to spice it up just a bit, you can also add the place where the proposal or wedding took place. Keep in mind that two dates should fit in the man’s ring (since the man traditionally only wears one ring), while the woman can write one date in each ring.

For the spontaneous

One couple who came to our showroom wanted to engrave the name of the nightclub “Debaser” with the associated date in their rings, because the guy in a moment of spontaneity and love decided to get down on one knee right then and there and propose! However, in the end they decided for a more traditional engraving, but wouldn’t it had been such a wonderful thing? It’s a fun way to remember a moment in your relationship that really meant something special. Imagine that every time you look down on your ring, you are reminded of an event that makes you both laugh.

For the forgetful

Are you worried about forgetting the date you got married? No problem! A man who came to us engraved the wedding date on the outside of his ring, so he would never forget their anniversary! Only time will tell if it worked...

For the Grand

Do you have a destination planned for your wedding, or did you get engaged during a trip? We met a couple who engraved the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the island where they would marry! Engraving the coordinates of the proposal or marriage is actually not an uncommon view in the jewelry leaving our studio.

For the creative

Is there a song, poem or quote that you both love? Or a statement that you’re trying to live by? ,  Engrave that! Here only your creativity is the limit.  It becomes extra special if you start the text in one ring and finish the sentence in your partner’s ring - so both rings are needed to complete the quote. A song title or part of a song lyric that marks a special moment in the relationship is another option. We have seen many excerpts from song texts, from "Wanna be with you everywhere" (Fleetwood Mac) to “Set the world on fire baby” (E-type)!  One girl with a stack of four wedding rings wrote Always in the first ring, Today in the second and Tomorrow in the third. In the fourth ring, she wrote her and her partners’ initials. Quite romantic and creative, no? 

For the humorous

This couple wanted the inscription to be kept secret, so only they knew what it was and could secretly laugh at the memory. The inscription is of the dialogue they had when they first decided they were officially a couple: “Are you serious?” in one ring.  “Yes, I’m serious” in the other. Another one of our favourites is: “The line to the hot dog stand 2004”.

See below for examples of engravings in engagement and wedding rings that we have made in our studio, based on customers’ very own wishes!

Me without you

Always us

I choose you

Our team is just you and me

Wanna be with you everywhere

Only you, here & now

Through life

Yours forever

The Line to The Hot Dog Stand 2004

“Are you serious?” in one ring, “Yes, I’m serious” in the other

Set the world on fire baby

No bad days

Always (first ring),
Today (second ring),
Tomorrow (third ring),
and the initials of her and her partner in the fourth ring (in an engagement stack of four rings)

What type are you? Comment and share your own personal story about the engraving in your engagement or wedding ring!


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