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Wedding rings for men

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According to old tradition, a future bride would wear an engagement ring on her left ring finger as a symbol of devotion for an upcoming marriage. And while the male engagement ring disappeared for some time, it’s now about to make a big comeback (some even call them mengagement rings), and we’re all for it!

Today, both women and men use engagement rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to their partners. There are no rules for how a wedding ring should look, what material they should be made of or that both partners’ rings must match. It’s entirely up to you how you want your ring to look.


Wedding rings for men – there are more variations than you think!

When you think of wedding rings for men its often the classic band in shiny, yellow gold that you think of, but men today have more choices than ever. We have listed some of our favorites from our shop – in different colors, finish and width of band. Or why not with added elements of gemstones or diamonds? Just like it Is for women, it’s important to find a ring that suits your personal taste and style. After all, it’s a ring that will be worn for a very long time.

Left or right ring finger?

Have you heard of Vena Amoris? In ancient Rome it was believed that in the left ring finger there was a “vein of love”, Vena Amoris, a blood vessel that went straight to the heart. Putting a symbol on your finger in the shape of a ring was a beautiful way to show your love. Yes, we know that the Vena Amoris is a myth, but the idea is still beautiful! The truth is that there are no rules on which finger a wedding ring should go, and traditions differ between different cultures. In some, you stack the engagement ring and the wedding ring on each other, her in Sweden we’re mostly used to wedding rings being worn on the left ring finger while married men in other cultures move their wedding ring from the left ring finger to the right one after the wedding. You do you!



The classic gold ring – it can vary more thank you think

In the pictures from left to right: Casper Ring 3mm in shiny gold, Casper Ring 5mm in matte gold, Ben Ring 4.5mm in shiny gold. You can find them all and more in our men's collection.

The most classic engagement ring for both men and women is a simple gold band, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a version that fits you and your style perfectly. In addition to the different widths ranging from 2.3mm to 6mm and the choice of glassy or matte finish, we also have two different designs; the classic version with a more rounded exterior with a flat inside in our Casper rings and in our Ben rings you find a more masculine, raw feel with its flat, rectangular band with slightly rounded edges. We guarantee that if you want a classic gold ring as a wedding ring, we have a variant that suits you.

White gold

From left to right: Ben Ring 6mm in white gold with glossy finish, Ben Ring 4mm in white gold with glossy finish, Casper Ring 3mm in white gold with glossy finish

That a wedding ring must be made of gold is a relatively new idea, and surely rings in white gold are just as beautiful? White gold retains the durability and hardness of the gold material but has the same beautiful color as silver. Just like in our rings in gold, we offer both different widths and designs on the rings.

Signet rings

A signet ring is the masculine version of the solitaire diamond ring for women – you need at least one perfect one in your jewelry box. Signet rings are both masculine and eye-catching, with room for engraving and are excellent as both a regular accessory and a wedding ring. You can find our here: Signet Ring – The Original.

Black diamonds and green emeralds

In the picture, to the left: Ben Ring 6mm with 3x0.1 CT black diamonds. Right: Ben ring 4mm with 3x1.3mm green emerald

The combination of the raw, masculine finish in our Ben ring in combination with black diamonds or green emeralds gives both an eye-catching and masculine feel. And really, diamonds and gemstones are not just a girl’s best friend, they are for sure for men as well – after all, it’s the 21st century! If you are looking for a classic wedding ring with that little extra, you will love our Ben rings with black diamonds or green emeralds.


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