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We are super proud over our collaborations, that cover topics you and our team care deeply about. Read and become inspired below!

Mumbaistockholm x Bumpy App 

We live in a society where infertility and miscarriage are taboo, even though it is so common. Experiencing fertility issues and pregnancy loss is often both physically and psychologically challenging, and many experience feelings of isolation and exclusion. 

Andrea and Elin, founders of the fertility support app Bumpy, know just how hard this journey can be and discovered that they are far from alone - but noone is talking openly about it. 

May this ring remind you that you can get through any challenge your journey brings and that you're not alone. You got this! 

Purchase your own Bumpy Ring to support yourself or someone else on your journey ♡

Mumbaistockholm x Plantbased by Thess 

We teamed up with someone who loves high quality and green living as much as we do - Gothenburg-based cook book author @plantbasedbythess

In a raffling giveaway on instagram you could win both linen trousers, a green cookbook and a fine jewelry gift card. 

Thess also created two unique recipes for Mumbaistockholm and our followers: 
❥ White bean cream with baked fennel and silver onion, topped with rye and pine nut crumbs
as well as
Chocolate truffle cake with fresh berries
As a thank you, we created a unique ring for her, that matches her green cooking fingers: Hilda Ring with diamonds and two green emeralds.  ♡

She will wear this alongside her Tiny Diamond Ring, also with a green emerald, that she has been wearing for years.  ♡

Mumbaistockholm x Style Icons 

Now you can purchase Mumbaistockholm fine jewelry at Style Icons in Båstad.

Style Icons was created as an interior styling firm by interior design sisters Louise and Diana. Soon after, they opened their store since they needed a place to gather all their home styling clients. Today it has become the interior and style heaven in the small and pittoresque sea-side town of Båstad.

Their collection consists of iconic designs from interior brands such as Tine K, Flos, Gaggenau, Frama, Trimm Copenhagen - and fine jewelry brand Mumbaistockholm.

But as they say:

In the end, it's not the brand that makes the product, it's you who make it yours. You have an innate sense of style. Go ahead and let it flourish

Style Icons
Stationsterassen 2, Båstad
Tel. 0431 – 133 10


We love to collaborate over topics you and our team care deeply about, such as love, family life, green food, outdoor living and soothing interiors. 
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