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Ring Size Try-At-Home-Kit With Your Order (Free)
Ring Size Try-At-Home-Kit With Your Order (Free)
Ring Size Try-At-Home-Kit With Your Order (Free)


Ring Size Try-At-Home-Kit With Your Order (Free)

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No matter where you live in the world, you can order a Try-At-Home Kit for figuring out your ring size.

This Try-At-Home Kit is included when you place an order of a jewelry on the website.

The Try-At-Home Kit comes with some good benefits and includes:

- a full set of rings in all sizes

- a guide for how to best measure your ring size

- a return slip to send the kit back to us!

How it works: 

1. Place your order of your new jewelry plus the Try-At-Home-Kit here (Choose for Women, Men or Both) 

2. While your new jewelry is in production que, the Try-At-Home-Kit will be immediately shipped to you so you can try on your ring size at home. Tip: Try the ring size for all your ten fingers so you don't need to do it again for future orders!

4. Send the kit back to us with the pre-printed return ticket. 

5. Let us know which ring size you'd like for your ring that's already in production que! 

6. Wait until your new jewelry is ready and shipped to you ♡

If you're not ready to place the order of a new ring just yet, you can choose to simply order a Ring Size Try At Home Kit here