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Ring-Size Try-At-Home-Kit Only
Ring-Size Try-At-Home-Kit Only
Ring-Size Try-At-Home-Kit Only


Ring-Size Try-At-Home-Kit Only

850 kr

No matter where you live in the world you can order a Try-At-Home Kit for figuring out your ring size.

The Try-At-Home Kit comes with some good benefits and includes:

- a full set of rings in all sizes

- a guide for how to best measure your ring size

- a return slip to send the kit back to us!

How it works: 

1. Place your order of your Try-At-Home-Kit here (Choose kits for Women, Men or Both) 

2. A few days later, pick up the kit in your mail box 

3. Try on all sizes (for all your fingers, if you want!) during 1 week 

4. Send the kit back to us with the pre-printed return ticket

5. If you place an order of a jewelry within 1 week after you've sent the kit back to us, you'll receive a full deduction of the price of the Try-At-Home-Kit on your new order!


If you already know what jewelry you'd like to purchase, you can order it now and get the Try-At-Home Kit for Free! Please click here