One-Of-A-Kind Morganite Halo Solitaire with Light Pink Morganite and Diamond Halo (Total 2.82 CT)

28.990,00 kr
Why you’ll love it

A gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring with a stunning emerald-cut light pink morganite.

The morganite measures 9x7 mm (2.73 CT) and is surrounded by a halo 18 diamonds.

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The morganite rank a hardness of 7,5-8 on Moh's Scale of Hardness. It is a durable gemstone that will endure everyday wear. We recommend that you clean your ring with dish soap, a tooth brush and hot water to wash away dirt that may make your morganite look cloudy.

Diamond rank a hardness of 10 (maximum) on Moh's Scale of Hardness. It is an extremely durable stone that will withstand everyday wear for many, many years.   

All our diamonds are certified conflict-free.


This ring is beautiful worn alone on the ring finger or middle finger. 


Made from 100% recycled 18K gold.

1.5 mm round ringband.

One 9x7 mm Light Pink Morganite (2.73 CT).

Eighteen 0.005 CT Diamonds TWVS.

Totalt CT weight: approx. 2.82 CT.

We only use natural, conflict-free diamonds.

Size and Fit

The round ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear. 

Production and Delivery

Wish to order a similar ring? Email us at

Please note that it is not possible to pick up an online order from our showroom in Stockholm. 

All mumbaistockholm jewelry pieces are final sale.