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Black Weekend: FREE Plain Gold Bands To Your Order! Black Weekend: FREE Plain Gold Bands To Your Order!

Conscious fine jewelry made from 100% recycled gold and natural gemstones. Made to order. No over-production, no waste.

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    Read The New Little Handbook: Determining A Gemstone's Value


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    With room for up to 35 rings, or just to keep your first one ♡

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    Determining A Gemstone's Value

    Determining A Gemstone's Value

    ⟢ Learn The 8 Factors That Determine The Value Of A Gemstone

    ⟢ Common Treatments To Natural Gemstones

    ⟢ What Is The Difference Between Carat and Karat?

    ⟢ Tips For Choosing Your Own Gemstone

    Read the new Little Handbook to be well equipped to invest in gemstones on your own! 

    Read The Little Handbook Here

    About The Showroom

    About The Showroom

    ⟢ Read about our showroom here

    ⟢ Book Appointment in our Stockholm Showroom here 

    ⟢ Currently we plan no pop-up showrooms outside of Stockholm.

    ⟢ Instead, we offer free online Personal Jewelry Shopping and Try-At-Home Kits worldwide!

    ⟢ Send an email to to get started! 

    About The Auctions

    About The Auctions

    ⟢ The Rules

    ⟢ What Pieces Will Be Put Up On Auction

    ⟢ What Happens After You Won?

    ⟢ Tips For Winning Your Dream Piece

    New Auctions Every Thursday 8 PM CET/CET+1 (Summer/Winter). 

    Read About The Auctions Here

    Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds

    Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds

    An easy to read, 10-page handbook covering everything you need to know. Including which stone is most environmentally friendly. 

    Read the guide: 

    Everything You Need To Know About The Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Diamonds

    About Antique Diamonds

    About Antique Diamonds

    ⟢ The Cut

    ⟢ The Colour

    ⟢ Sustainability

    ⟢ How We Select Them

    What Is The Difference Between Old Mine Cut or Old European Cut, And What Is The Charm With Antique Diamonds?

    Read All About Them: Here 

    Figure Out Your Ringsize From Home

    Figure Out Your Ringsize From Home

    Click to come to the guide 

    A Little Handbook for Self-Care

    A Little Handbook for Self-Care

    Because right now we all need it. 

    Get it here for free: 

    A Little Self-Care Handbook. 

    How To Store and Take Care Of Your Fine Jewelry

    How To Store and Take Care Of Your Fine Jewelry

    Read the 6-page guide here.