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Conscious fine jewelry made from 100% recycled gold and natural gemstones. Made to order. No over-production, no waste.

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    Launching tonight 8 PM: Pre-owned Jewelry Auction (7 days)

    SOLD: Angel Ring with Dark Green Tourmalines (1.20 CT)

    Purchase One-Of-A-Kind Rings

    Vegan Jewelry Case

    With room for up to 35 rings, or just to keep your first one ♡

    Purchase Your Own

    Emerald-Cut Diamond Halo Solitaire

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    Read: How To Store And Take Care Of Your Fine Jewelry (6-Page Guide)
    About The Showroom

    About The Showroom

    ⟢ Read about our showroom here

    ⟢ Book Appointment in our Stockholm Showroom here 

    ⟢ Currently we plan no pop-up showrooms outside of Stockholm.

    ⟢ Instead, we offer free online Personal Jewelry Shopping and Try-At-Home Kits worldwide!

    ⟢ Send an email to to get started! 

    About The Auctions

    About The Auctions

    ⟢ Why Are We Doing Them

    ⟢ The Rules

    ⟢ What Pieces Will Be Put Up On Auction

    ⟢ What Happens After You Won?

    New Auctions Every Thursday 8 PM CET (Summer)/CET+1 (Winter). 

    Read About The Auctions: Here

    Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds

    Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds

    An easy to read, 10-page handbook covering everything you need to know. Including which stone is most environmentally friendly. 

    Read the guide: 

    Everything You Need To Know About The Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Diamonds

    About Antique Diamonds

    About Antique Diamonds

    ⟢ The Cut

    ⟢ The Colour

    ⟢ Sustainability

    ⟢ How We Select Them

    What Is The Difference Between Old Mine Cut or Old European Cut, And What Is The Charm With Antique Diamonds?

    Read All About Them: Here 

    Figure Out Your Ringsize From Home

    Figure Out Your Ringsize From Home

    Click to come to the guide 

    A Little Handbook for Self-Care

    A Little Handbook for Self-Care

    Because right now we all need it. 

    Get it here for free: 

    A Little Self-Care Handbook. 

    How To Store and Take Care Of Your Fine Jewelry

    How To Store and Take Care Of Your Fine Jewelry

    Read the 6-page guide here.