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Ring Stacking Inspiration

Our goal is to inspire you to create your personal dream stack.

What is Ring Stacking?

A ring stack is when you wear a combination of rings on the same finger.

We love ring stacking, since it lets you create your own personal style in a very easy and fun way!

Many of our customers update their stack with a new ring every or every second year - or simply when celebrating a mile stone as they move through life.

Our Secret

If you ever created a garden, and more specifically a flower border, you know that the secret to success is contrasts.

It's the same with ring stacking!

Do you see how interesting each stack become, even though the rings in themselves are simple and delicate?

Stacks with Solitaires

Flat Ring Stacks

The Art of Ring Stacking

During our ten years of stacking rings, we have discovered a few tips that can help to make an interesting and beautiful stack. Follow these tips or discover your own rules!

Five Golden Stacking Tips

1. Each ring has its own role - uniqueness is often the key

2. A diamond eternity band highlights all other rings in a stack

3. A simple gold band (goldie) is perfect for separation

4. Choosing only diamonds is never boring and always beautiful

5. One easy way to incorporate colour is to choose two harmonious ones - such as white diamonds and champagne diamonds

Create Your Own Ring Stack

Choosing one ring from two categories makes a beautiful start to a stack!

Want to try on your dream stack?

We love to help!

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Want Guidance?

Chat with us, call +46 8 16 64 64 or email

We love to help!

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