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Finished: Idun Curved Diamond Band with Hot Pink Sapphires and Diamonds

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Why you’ll love it

On auction this week, we have five beautiful jewelry pieces in different models and colors. All five pieces are made to stack, either with each other or with jewelry that you already own. Create your own personalized jewelry collection by bidding on one or several of the pieces from this auction! 

Sometimes, adding a pop of color to your jewelry can feel a bit daunting, but we want to show you how much fun it can be! Here we have used four different colors in the same stack, that look well-balanced and work perfectly together.

By combining different colors, styles and gemstones, you can create a collection that is completely unique to you. 

With this auction we want to encourage you to invest in jewelry that makes you happy, and to dare color

Idun Curved Diamond Band is a beautiful ring with a lovely vintage feel.

It's designed to wear alone or in a stack (either on top or at the bottom).

The design combines two different gemstone cuts: Marquise-cut (boat-shaped) and Brilliant-cut (round). In this ring we have used exquisite diamonds and sapphires in the most perfect shade of hot pink! 

This ring is brand new and has only been on show for a few weeks in our showroom. 


Thanks to its curved band, this ring is beautiful stacked with other rings. Add it to the top or bottom of any stack, or simply wear it alone on any finger. 

Here stacked with: 

Sania Baguette Brilliant Diamond Band with Diamonds and Hot Pink Sapphires (also on auction)

- Jade Petite Enough Ring with Black and White Diamonds (also on auction)

- Not At All Tiny Ring with Light Yellow Sapphire (also on auction)



Sapphire ranks a hardness of 9 on Moh's Scale of Hardness. Sapphires have excellent durability and will retain their beauty for many years, even with daily wear.

Pink sapphires come in many hues ranging from dull to vivid, light to dark. In this ring we've used a stunning hot pink shade. 

The sapphires in this ring are natural and follow our accepted standards for heat treatment. 


Diamonds rank a 10 (highest) on Moh's Scale of Hardness. They are extremely hard and durable, and can be passed down through generations.

In this ring we have used colorless (white) diamonds in quality F-G (Top Wesselton) VS.

We use only natural, conflict-free diamonds certified according to the Kimberley Process.


Made in Sweden from 100% recycled 18K Gold 

1.3 mm round ringband

Seven 1.7 mm (approx. 0.02 CT) Brilliant-Cut Hot Pink Sapphires.

Two 1.7 x 3.5 mm (approx. 0.04 CT) Marquise-Cut Diamonds, quality F-G VS.

Total CT Weight: Approx. 0.22 CT.

Retail value: SEK 19 990  / EUR 1843

Size and Fit

The round, thin ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear.   

This ring is in size 17.25/54 but can be adjusted to any ring size at an additional cost of SEK 750 (EUR 75) that will be charged separately after the auction ends.  

We suggest you order your normal ring size.

Delivery & Payment 

Please allow 1 week for shipping (2 weeks for size adjustment). 

All mumbaistockholm jewelry are final sale.   


After the auction ends, the winner has 24 hours to complete the payment.  

Bidders in Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK can pay by Klarna, Credit Card or Paypal.

International bidders from other countries can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

Please note that offers and promotions do not apply when you shop from our auctions.

Tip To Win The Auctions

Download the free guide Tips To Win Your Dream Jewelry On Auction


We suggest you wait no longer than 1 minute before the auction ends to place your bid. Many people have the same strategy, and someone else's bid could become the final and winning bid. 

A proxy can help you with this. Setting a proxy amount that is equal to your maximum bid ensures that even when you wait to make your last bid, someone else needs to bid HIGHER than your secret proxy to win – otherwise you will win automatically!

Good luck!

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Finished: Idun Curved Diamond Band with Hot Pink Sapphires and Diamonds

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