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Are you thinking of getting engaged? Consider this before proposing

Går du i förlovningstankar? Tänk på detta innan du friar

Keep it simple! In this article, you will get some well-chosen, practical tips to consider when choosing a ring to propose with. The tips are based on many years of experience guiding couples to their perfect engagement rings - and of course, when things didn't quite go as planned. But the best thing is that everything can be solved! Below is a checklist of aspects to consider when choosing a ring. 

Written by: Cecilia Kores 

1. Keep it simple  

The most common engagement rings for women are either a diamond solitaire or a three-stone ring with diamonds .

Although many customers come to us because they have seen all the different ring designs and the wide range of colored gemstones available, the vast majority still choose either a solitaire ring with a larger diamond or a three stone ring like Edith as their engagement ring. (They may well choose other ring models for other occasions, however!) 

How come? 

From my experience, these are the two ring models that many women have seen their grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers wear - and they are the rings that we have admired since we were little girls. So when it's finally our turn to wear the Ring with a capital R, it's these two styles of rings that we gravitate towards!  

Perhaps this is the definition of timeless beauty?

Edith Ring - a simple three-stone ring that has become one of the most loved engagement rings among women. 

For men, the most common engagement ring is a simple, smooth gold band - not too thin but not too wide either. The ring can be slightly rounded (like our Casper Ring ), or slightly angular (like our Ben Ring ).

Why is it that men are drawn to simple gold rings? My experience is that men are not used to wearing either rings or other jewelry before they get engaged, and the smooth gold band in particular becomes a simple and clean starting point to match, for example, a watch and other jewelry with in the future. 

The men who areused to wearing jewelry and rings are often the ones who dare to take the turns more with their engagement ring, and choose a more eye-catching model!

Ben Ring - a simple, slightly angular gold ring that has become one of the most popular engagement rings for men. 

My best advice is therefore to keep it simple. (Especially if your partner hasn't given you any other clear hints.) The ring you choose will be special - because it is you who has chosen it! 

There will be many opportunities to add more jewelry to your partner's jewelry collection - I promise! 

Also remember that after the proposal, the vast majority of couples submit their rings for engraving, which makes them even more special for you. 

2. It is enough to know your partner's approximate ring size 

Many people worry about choosing the wrong ring size for their engagement ring. You do not have to be that! 

There are a few simple ways to find out your partner's approximate ring size, which is more than enough for a successful proposal. Plus, those of us who work with engagement and wedding rings are so used to resizing that we can do it in our sleep (almost)!

If you already know your partner's ring size - congratulations! You can skip this point and also point 3 and jump straight to point 4! 

For the rest of you - here's how you can easily find out your partner's approximate ring size: 

Many are worried about choosing the wrong ring size before the proposal. You do not have to be that! Here is a private picture that a customer sent us after a successful courtship. Soon it will be you!

a) Measure a ring your partner has at home and that you have seen him wear (so you know which finger he or she usually wears it). The easiest way to measure is to place the ring on a measuring tape and very carefully measure the inner diameter in diameter. If you measure to 17 mm in inner measurement, then his ring size is 17. 

Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to ring sizes, play quartz millimeters roll - there is a big difference between size 17 and 17.75, for example. Therefore, it is safest to measure with a caliper, which many people have in their toolbox at home. Then you can see exactly whether the inner diameter is 17.0, 17.25 or 17.75 mm, for example. 

State the measurement you arrive at to the jeweler or personal jewelry shopper, as well as which finger and on which hand your loved one wears the ring. Then he or she can easily assess the approximate size of your partner's left ring finger, which is where the engagement ring is traditionally worn. 

You can also bring with you the ring to the jeweler and he can find out the exact ring size in the atelier/showroom!

b) If your partner doesn't wear rings at all, you can instead roughly estimate ring size based on clothing size. From my experience, size XS often correlates with a ring size 15 on the left ring finger, size S with 16, size M with 17, and size L with 18. Of course, these are just guidelines - but it might give you a hint! 

In general, if you are unsure of your partner's ring size, my advice is always to choose a too big ring than one too small. You want to be sure that the ring will be able to be put on your partner's finger at the moment of proposal! It doesn't matter if it's a little bigger - instead imagine the opposite! 

As a guideline, I therefore recommend that you choose a size that is a quarter size larger than the ring size you estimated. If - after your research - you have determined that your partner has ring size 17, then go for size 17.25 just to be safe. 

3. Make sure size adjustment is possible afterwards

Regardless of how carefully you prepared beforehand, the size almost always has to be slightly adjusted after the proposal. The ring must fit absolutely perfectly! 

Therefore - make sure you choose a ring design that can be sized. Most rings can - but always ask the jeweler or personal jewelry shopper where you are, just to be safe.

Beautiful Greta Ring - a variation on a three-stone ring that is decorated with extra diamonds along the band. Especially popular with customers in Norway!

4. Find out about the possibilities of making adjustments to the ring model and the gems afterwards

If you've done your research well and followed the tips above (and also the tips we wrote about in this article ), your partner will most likely love the ring you propose with. 

But it is a good idea to be prepared for questions about what can be changed, should your partner want it. 

It can be about a question such as: is it possible to exchange the gem for another one? Your partner might want a pale pink sapphire instead of a diamond in their ring after all! Or perhaps even more commonly: is it possible to exchange for a larger carat of diamond? The answer to that particular question is actually no - the claws in the socket that hold the stone are already cut at exactly the level that is adapted for that particular stone, and do you want to take it out and insert a new one instead, larger diamond, you simply have to take it apart and redo the whole ring in the studio. You then forge a new ring with a new socket in which the larger stone can be held - and all this work can lead to additional costs. 

It can also be good to find out what applies if your partner would completely like to exchange the ring for another ring model - is it possible and if so at what cost?   

A beautiful and slightly more unusual engagement stack. 

Don't worry, it will be fine!

The more prepared you are, the more you will look forward to the proposal. 

Fewer worries will circulate in your head and you will be more and more filled with anticipation! 

And rightly so - simply because there is nothing to worry about. You know your partner loves you, that you love each other - and now it's time to show it to the world!

I hope that the experiences and tips I have shared in this guide have been valuable and that they will help you in preparing for one of the biggest days of your and your heart's life (in a double sense). 

We will be happy to help you choose the right ring to propose with. Call us on +46 (0)8-16 64 64, email or book an appointment in our showroom in Stockholm !

And above all - good luck. It will go so well!



You deserve fine jewelry!

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