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Ring Stacking Inspiration

Whether you are searching for a unique wedding stack or a true power ring stack - we hope you find lots of inspiration here.


Our goal is to make you inspired to create your own, personal dream stack. But once you start.. it's hard to go back!

The Art Of Ring Stacking

If you ever created a garden, and more specifically a perennial border, you know that the secret to success is contrasts.

It is the same with ring stacking!

Stacks with Solitaires

Stacks with flat bands

The Golden Rules of Ring Stacking

1. Each ring has its own role

2. A diamond eternity band highlights all other rings in a stack

3. A simple gold band (goldie) is perfect for separation

4. Choosing only diamonds is never boring and always beautiful

5. When mixing colours in a stack - choosing two harmonious colours (e.g. white and champagne) and one contrasting colour (e.g. green) is a great rule of thumb

Create Your Own Ring Stack

Choosing one ring from two categories makes a beautiful start to a stack!

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