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Guiding Star Necklace (Compass Necklace)

23 990 kr

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A beautiful necklace that symbolizes your own Northern Star. Let it guide you to your own direction ☆

When I first designed this piece, I designed it as a compass. Now our customers make it their own - a Northern Star, a snowflake...  That is why I decided to give it the name Guiding Star Necklace, because whatever is your compass, this necklace will help guide you in the right direction. Promise me to follow your own path.  Xx Cecilia


Diamonds rank a hardness of 10 (maximum) on Moh's Scale of Hardness.

They are extremely durable and will withstand daily wear and tear for many, many years, and can be passed down through generations.    

We use only natural, certified conflict-free diamonds.


Made in Sweden from 100% recycled 18K gold. 

One 0.20 CT Diamond TWVS

4 x 0.04 CT (1.7 x 3.5 mm) Marquise-Cut Diamonds TWVS

4 x 0.02 CT Diamonds TWVS

Total CT weight: 0.44 CT

We use only natural, conflict-free diamonds. 

The chain we use is our 1 mm bare gold chain. Although super thin and beautiful, it is very strong and handles normal everyday wear well. 

Size and Fit

The diameter of the star/compass is 12 mm (without the loop).

The length of the loop is 5.7 mm and the inner measurements of the loop is 4 x 1.8 mm.

Wear it on a hoop earring or with a long or short chain. The pendant is made to fit most chains, but measure to make sure that the loop of your chain fits the loop of the pendant.

Guiding Star Necklace (Compass Necklace)

23 990 SEK
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Our goal is to ensure your perfect fit, effortlessly. Find our size guide below:

Necklace Size & Fit Guide

Comfort & Quality

We love minimalistic chains but we also want to wear our necklaces every day. Therefore, we only use strong chains of the highest quality.

Wear & Care

You can wear your necklace everyday. The gold and diamonds handle water and soap well - so you can keep it on while showering. A shorter necklace is usually not a problem to sleep in - although sleeping in your jewelry will wear them out quicker (especially if you have two necklaces that will tangle together and rub against each other). Long necklaces (longer than 45 cm) is recommended to take off when you sleep at night since they risk getting stuck and tear apart more easily.

Production and Delivery

Crafted with Care

For necklaces with gemstones: kindly allow 6-7 weeks for our goldsmiths and stonesetters to craft your piece in our studio in Sweden.

For plain necklaces and chains without gemstones: kindly allow 4 weeks for our goldsmiths to craft your piece in our studio in Sweden.

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Should you have a particular date you're aiming for, kindly mention it in the text box during checkout. While we strive for perfection, please understand that we cannot guarantee delivery on that exact date.

Final Touch of Exclusivity

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Faust

This necklace is absolutely stunning! I love wearing it to special occasions and I get compliments for it all the time :)

You deserve fine jewelry!

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