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Finished: Antique Diamond Solitaire with an 0.40 CT Antique Diamond in White Gold

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Why you’ll love it

On auction this week, we have two very special rings - two of our most loved models for engagement.  Take the chance to bid on rings for both yourself and your partner! Find pre-loved Casper Clean Ring here!

This is a lovely vintage-inspired solitaire with an antique diamond.  

What is an Antique Diamond?
💎 It is a natural, pre-loved diamond that was cut - by hand - before the 1940s
💎 Most of them have a history of being used in jewelry before
💎 Antique diamonds often have a warmer colour than “perfectly white” modern machine-cut diamonds
💎 Since it was cut before modern technology was developed to cut perfect angles, every antique diamond is unique. No two diamonds are alike!

Antique diamonds are coveted for its unique charm: since they are cut by hand and often have a warmer colour, they stand out with its soft, vintage glow. 

Our Production Manager Fanny writes: 

I want to tell you three things about this ring and why it might be the perfect ring for you:

Firstly, with loupe, I see no large inclusions. Most importantly, I see no black crystals, the type of inclusion that is easy to spot and can disturb the beauty of the diamond.

Secondly, I think that the cut is very good in hiding the few small inclusions that are in the stone, so to the eye it looks eye clean.

Thirdly, the facets give the stone a fantastic sparkle and shimmer.

All in all, I think this is a magic stone, and the hint of beige in warmer light gives this ring a true vintage sparkle. I especially think that this diamond is beautiful set in the white gold!

The band of this ring has a beautiful pattern of small, small gold dots, called a millegriff pattern, that was common in the beginning of 20th Century. This adds a lovely vintage-touch to the ring, to perfectly match the antique diamond. 

This ring has been a showpiece in our Stockholm showroom but is ready to find its new home!

The ring is in a brand-new condition, with no signs of wear in the gold.  

Retail value: SEK 40 990  / € 3527


This ring looks beautiful worn alone, but unlike many traditional solitaire rings, it is also perfect for stacking.

Here stacked with:

Astrid Top Covered Diamond Band with Diamonds

Jade Petite Ring with Diamonds


Antique Diamonds

 Diamonds areank a 10 (highest) on Moh's Scale of Hardness. They are extremely hard and durable and will withstand daily wear for many years to come. 

All natural diamonds are billions of years old, but if they were cut before 1940, they’re called antique. 

Antique diamonds don’t have the perfect color, clarity or cut according to modern standards, and often come in odd carats. But you get an important 5th C - Charm! We love their warm tint and special glow. 

An antique diamond is an exceptionally sustainable and durable choice of gemstone. An antique diamond does not lead to any new environmental stresses in the mining process nor in the other parts of the production chain. This stands in contrast to the natural diamond — as well as the synthetic diamond industry.

The cut of the diamond is called the Old Mine Cut, a beautifully shaped cut that preceded the modern cushion cut! 

Want to read more about antique diamonds? We have written an article (in Swedish), find it here!


Made in Sweden from 100% recycled 18K Gold 

1.5 mm round ringband

One 0.40 CT Old Mine Cut Antique Diamond, Quality K SI1. 

Size and Fit

The round, thin ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear.  

This ring is in size 17.25/54 but can be adjusted to any ring size at an additional cost of SEK 750 (EUR 75) that will be charged separately after the auction ends.  

We suggest you order your normal ring size.

Delivery & Payment 

Please allow 1 week for shipping (2 weeks for size adjustment). 

All mumbaistockholm jewelry are final sale.   


After the auction ends, the winner has 24 hours to complete the payment.  

Bidders in Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK can pay by Klarna, Credit Card or Paypal.

International bidders from other countries can pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

Please note that offers and promotions do not apply when you shop from our auctions.

Tip To Win The Auctions

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We suggest you wait no longer than 1 minute before the auction ends to place your bid. Many people have the same strategy, and someone else's bid could become the final and winning bid. 

A proxy can help you with this. Setting a proxy amount that is equal to your maximum bid ensures that even when you wait to make your last bid, someone else needs to bid HIGHER than your secret proxy to win – otherwise you will win automatically!

Good luck!

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Finished: Antique Diamond Solitaire with an 0.40 CT Antique Diamond in White Gold

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