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Book Gothenburg Appointment

Welcome to our pop-up showroom in the heart of Gothenburg. By appointment only.

Guidance At Every Step

With our attentive ears and expertise, we are here for you. Whether you are looking for your own power ring, a future family heirloom or an engagement ring - we are here to serve, guide, and celebrate you.

Craftsmanship Worth the Wait

After your meeting, your selected jewelry will be meticulously crafted in our studio in Sweden using recycled gold. It usually takes 4-7 weeks, to ensure every detail is perfected. Once ready, your treasured jewelry will be securely shipped to you - fully insured and in a beautiful package.

Service And Guarantee

Every piece of jewelry you choose comes with lifetime guarantee, a testament to our craftsmanship. To ensure your treasures remain timeless, we offer complimentary yearly cleanings and biannual general services with every order.

You deserve fine jewelry!