Anita Ring with Dark Chocolate Diamonds and Champagne Brilliants

39.990,00 kr
Why you’ll love it

Stunning Anita Ring is definitely not your ordinary diamond band.

As you come closer, you see the pattern of small diamonds in between the larger stones that creates an interesting and beautiful dynamic.

Nonetheless, it is a classic and feminine style mainly thanks to the choice of using round brilliant diamonds - the most sparkling diamond cut.  


Diamonds rank a 10 (highest) on Moh's Scale of Hardness.

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable gemstones that will withstand daily wear for generations to come.

We use only natural, conflict-free diamonds certified according to the Kimberley Process.

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut in the world - more than 70 % of all diamonds sold are round brilliant cut. Which is not a surprise, as it is the gemstone cut that best reflects and disperses light.    

Our chocolate and champagne diamonds have a natural brown hue that does not categorize under GIA's standard colour scale for white diamonds, but are evaluated separately one by one.   


This ring is beautiful worn alone as a single statement piece but also stacks wonderfully with any straight or curved band in our collection.   

On the pictures you see One-Of-A-Kind Anita Ring with seagreen tourmalines stacked with Jade Petite Ring with Diamonds and Lily Fallen Drop Ring with Brilliant Diamonds. 


Made in Sweden from 100% recycled 18K gold.

1.5 mm round ringband.

4x0.25 CT Dark Chocolate Diamonds

6x0.02 CT Champagne Diamonds

Total CT weight: 1.12 CT.

We use only natural, conflict-free diamonds. 

Size & Fit

The round, thin ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear. 

We suggest you order your normal ring size.

Please write your ring size in the text box for special instructions in the shopping cart or add a free try-at-home ring size kit to your order. If you’re in Stockholm, you are also welcome to book a free sizing appointment to try out your size.

It is possible to adjust the size of the ring after receiving your order, however it may incur an extra charge.

The rings on the picture are in size 17,25/54

Production and Delivery

Please allow 5-7 weeks for your ring to be crafted and the gemstones set in our studio.

If you have a specific date in mind, please write this in the text box during checkout. However, we will usually not be able to guarantee delivery at this date. 

All mumbaistockholm jewelry are final sale.