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Gemstone Poster - Brilliant Diamond Carat Size

990,00 kr
Why you’ll love it

A beautiful addition to your home, which we promise will be a conversation starter! 

See it as an aesthetic source of knowledge that will guide you in the world of gemstones.

About the Brilliant Diamond Size Chart: 

If you look for optimal sparkle and brilliance, a brilliant-cut diamond is your perfect choice. The size of a diamond is commonly referred to in weight, where one carat equals 0.2 gram.

On this poster, you will find brilliant diamonds pictured in carat sizes from 0.0025 CT up to 16 CT. You can also see each size converted to millimeter in diameter.

We can guarantee that this poster will be a real conversation starter in your home.

Details about the poster

This poster is made in a small printing house in Vasastan, Stockholm.

It measures 40x50 cm.

The colour is antique white.  

Details about the frame

Choose to order the poster with or without frame.

There are two choices of frames. Both are made from oak wood and measure 41 cm, so you have a decorative free space of 0,5 cm on each side of the poster. The frames are magnetic and easy to take on and off. The choices are:

Two loop screws attached to the frame with a light brown faux suede band to tie. 

A dark string attached to the frame.


This poster is printed as per-your-order and the printing + shipping time is approx 1 week for Swedish orders. For international orders, prepare for a few extra days for shipping.